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Posted On: 11-07-2014

Historic Places to Visit in Richmond VA

A must see in Richmond is the beautiful mansion on the hill at Maymont which was built by Edgerton Stewart Rogers. Edgerton was born in Rome and his architectural design for the Maymont mansion was heavily influenced by Roman architectural style. This mansion was built as a residence for the Dooley family (James and Sallie Dooley). The Dooley's started living in this house in 1893.

The Maymont mansion has an area of 12,000 square-feet and boasts 33 rooms. The name May Mont was a combination of Sallie Dooley's maiden name and the French word for up hill. Mrs. Dooley’s passed away in 1925, and within six months the Maymont mansion was opened to the general public as a museum.

The interiors of the upper floors along with a large original collection was left untouched until restoration work started in 1970. In 1975, the Maymont estate began to be managed by the non profit Maymont Foundation. The Maymont foundation has undertaken large-scale conservation and restoration efforts to maintain the authenticity and pristine condition of this mansion.

The Maymont museum is open Tuesday through Sunday between 12-5pm. Visitors to the museum can enjoy a guided tour of the upstairs and self-guided tours of the below stairs exhibit.

Getting Here

The most convenient way to get here is via the Hampton Street entrance. This entrance is at 1700 Hampton Street, Richmond, VA, 23220. Arriving from this entrance provides easy access to the Herb and Italian Garden, Maymont Mansion, Garden Hall, and the Museum Foundation office.

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